5 stars- As a chef & former BBQ joint owner, I can verify that these guys are doing it RIGHT!! I felt like I was tasting my own recipes and you can taste the love that was not only put into the meat, but the delectable sides as well. The broccoli salad had the tangy/crunchy/sweet that hits the spot. The Mac & Cheese was perfect…my daughter wants to drive back up just for more Mac… We ordered the Dinner for 4 with Brisket and you get a little bit of everything (easily makes 2 days of meals). Came with extra sauces and high quality containers. I can’t say enough how they’ve thought of everything and just done it the right way. We love the name, but this joint is so much more than just a catchy name. Drove up from Tilton to grab lunch, I would gladly drive across the state for Rubbin’ Butts BBQ again!