Magic Foods Restaurant Group wins 2024 Best of the Lakes Region Awards at O Steaks & Seafood Laconia and Rubbin' Butts BBQ in Center Harbor, New Hampshire.

Once again being recognized for their culinary expertise, two of Magic Foods Restaurant Group‘s popular establishments, O Steaks & Seafood Laconia and Rubbin’ Butts BBQ, have emerged victorious in the highly celebrated Best of the Lakes Region Awards for 2024. Both O Steaks & Seafood Laconia and Rubbin’ Butts BBQ have consistently set the bar high with their dining experiences and delectable offerings, and the Lakes Region agrees!

O Steaks & Seafood Laconia once again glows in the Best of the Lakes Region Awards, securing Gold for Best Romantic Meal, Gold for Best Lobster Mac & Cheese, Gold for Best Steak/Steak Tips, and Silver for Best Fine Dining Restaurant in 2024. 

The Best Romantic Meal award recognizes the restaurant’s talent for creating an enchanting atmosphere ideal for special occasions or intimate dinners for two. Couples can savor exquisite cuisine while enjoying the restaurant’s sophisticated and romantic ambiance.

With their Lobster Mac & Cheese being legendary in the Lakes Regions, it is no wonder the restaurant earned the Gold once again. Their hallmark plate skillfully combines tender lobster meat with creamy cheese and impeccably cooked pasta, providing luxury and comfort in each bite.

The Best Steak/Steak Tips award highlights the restaurant’s expertise in preparing the region’s most flavorful steaks and steak tips, and O Steaks & Seafood Laconia savors the continued recognition.

From mouthwatering hand-cut steaks cooked to perfection and fresh seafood creations, to its sophisticated atmosphere and exemplary service, each meal is a culinary masterpiece to be experienced. The restaurant is honored to be recognized for consistently offering an unforgettable fine dining experience to guests. 

Since 2019, O Steaks & Seafood Laconia has consistently garnered top accolades, including multiple Gold and Silver wins for Best Fine Dining Restaurant, Best Steak/Steak Tips, Best Lobster Mac & Cheese, Best Romantic Meal, as well as recognition for its martini and wine selections.

Rubbin’ Butts BBQ is the go-to Lakes Region restaurant for barbecue enthusiasts and has once again received the 2024 Gold for Best BBQ. For the third time in four years, this accolade showcases the restaurant’s steadfast dedication to entice diners with perfectly charred ribs, tender pulled pork, succulent chicken, and savory sides that define exceptional barbecue in the Lakes Region. 

Previously honored with the Gold for Best BBQ in 2021 and 2023, the mouthwatering authentic flavors of their expertly smoked meats enables Rubbin’ Butts BBQ to remain a must-visit destination for barbeque lovers. 

The continual victories of O Steaks & Seafood Laconia and Rubbin’ Butts BBQ in the Best of the Lakes Region Awards underscore Magic Foods Restaurant Group’s steadfast dedication to culinary brilliance. These two restaurants offer distinct, yet exceptional dining experiences cherished by locals and visitors alike.

Magic Foods Restaurant Group is proud to have O Steaks & Seafood Laconia and Rubbin’ Butts BBQ continue to lead the Lakes Region’s culinary scene with exceptional food and hospitality.

When you crave a fine dining experience, visit O Steaks & Seafood Laconia for its exquisite choices. When you desire the delectable melt-in-your-mouth goodness of barbecued meats, visit Rubbin’ Butts BBQ!

O Steaks & Seafood Laconia and Rubbin’ Butts BBQ is in tasty company and we congratulate all the other winners. Please check out the full list of 2024 winners to see who else rates at the top for the Lakes Region