O Steaks & Seafood in Laconia and Concord is proud to support our local Girl Scouts to help spread awareness of the Girl Scout program and Girl Scout cookies for sale. Listen to The Hawk on 104.9 FM or Lakes FM 101.5 to hear the Girl Scout cookie radio ad O Steaks & Seafood sponsored through the end of February 2022. You can also visit TheHawkRocks.com or Lakes1015.com to purchase your Girl Scout cookies in New Hampshire.

Host: It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! Recently we sat down with some Girl Scouts to talk about the importance of the Girl Scout Program. >> Jaylen: My name is Jaylen. We learn being able to handle money, people skills, being able to talk to people. >> Alexis: I’m Alexis. I like being able to meet new people. >> Isla: My name’s Isla. Host: What’s your favorite part about being a Girl Scout? Isla: Doing the community service. Raking leaves from parks and picking up trash. >> Emma: My name is Emma. Host: What’s the best part about being a Girl Scout? Emma: Learning new things. I learn life skills, leadership, citizenship, community service, lots of things. >> Alexis: My name is Alexis. I’m definitely not as shy as I used to be, and Girl Scouts has helped me kind of branch out. >> Elizabeth: My name is Elizabeth. Host: So, have you been to Girl Scout Camp? Elizabeth: I have. Host: Did you get there because you sold a lot of cookies? Elizabeth: Oh yeah, cookies definitely helped. Host: So, cookies helped you get to summer camp. Elizabeth: Yes. >> Host: Find your favorite Girl Scout today and order cookies or go online to the hawkrocks.com or lakes105.com and order! This message brought to you by O Steaks & Seafood, in Laconia and Concord.