A Night of NH Nature

11/29/2023 - 7:30 pm
A Night of NH Nature

The Walker Lecture Series invites you to A Night of NH Nature: The Brilliant Beaver and an Uncommon Look at the Common Loon.

Considered pests by some and a keystone species by others, beavers are fascinating mammals with a reputation as large as they are. Did you know they can max out around 100 pounds? Willa Coroka will introduce the Walker audience to North America’s largest rodent, recognized in fables and unrivaled in their engineering abilities. Willa Coroka is a wildlife educator, keeper of the plants, and lover of nature. She has presented at NH Herb & Garden Day, NH’s Northeast Organic Farming Association, and Strawberry Banke Museum.

With their haunting cries and beautiful plumage, common loons are an iconic symbol of the northern wilderness. Join in for an Uncommon Look at the Common Loon, a slideshow exploring the natural history of loons in the North Country. Vermont-based photographer Ian Clark spent nearly 2,000 hours kayaking with loons over the last decade and he has taken more than 250,000 photos of loons and their behaviors.

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