Rewards Program FAQ’s

How do I register my Magic Foods Rewards profile?

Register your member profile by visiting us on the web at

Click the “Log In Here” button in the center of the page.  You will need to enter your Rewards Card number, and then you can fill out your member profile.  Once your profile is filled out, your will be able to log-in at any time to view your earned rewards and points total.


I can’t redeem my Joining Bonus.

In order to access your Joining Bonus (or any of your earned rewards) you must first register your member profile at


I have earned enough points for a $10 dining credit but I can’t redeem it.

In order to access your dining credits you must first register your member profile at


How do I know how many points I’ve earned?

You can access your Rewards Membership account 24/7 at to update your member profile and check your account balance.


I think I have earned enough points for a $10 dining credit, where do I get it?

Your Rewards Card also acts just like a gift card.  Any time you earn a reward, it is automatically loaded onto your Rewards Card.  No need to keep track of additional coupons or receipts!  To use your rewards, simply let your server know that you’d like to use the credit stored on the card.  Remember, since your new Rewards Card also stores your earned dining credits, treat it as you would cash.


I forgot my Rewards Card, can I still get credit for my visit?

If you are still in the restaurant, your server can look up your Rewards Card using your name and phone number.  If you would like credit for a past visit, all you’ll need to do is email your name, date of visit, check number and Rewards Card number to and credit can be applied to your account.


I lost my Rewards Card, what do I do?

We can issue a replacement card.  Email your name and Rewards Card number to and a new card will be issued.


I bought my Rewards Card online, and I registered my profile, but I can’t access my rewards.

The first time you use your card in one of our restaurants, it will be activated and you will be able to start earning rewards.